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News : 2014 Newsletter

Which? Reports On Eye-Care
The consumer watchdog Which? asked a leading optometrist to assess 18 pairs of off-the-shelf spectacles from 11 high street chains, after discovering that more than one in five memebers of the public uses cut-price glasses.  While the magnification was correct across the samples, the expert noted faults in eight pairs of glasses.
''These faults could cause symptoms in the wearer, from headaches to eye strain, slight dizziness and even double vision,'' said Which?
Based on results, Which? recommends buying glasses protected by packaging, checking lenses for obvious dents or scratches and making sure the frame is marked with industry standard markings such as ''CE''.
GP Eye Health Survey Established
A survey to determine the current levels of understanding that GPs have on eye health has been launched by the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP).  The establishment of the survey comes less than a month after a network for GPs with an interest in eye health was launched, which aims to bring GPs from across the UK together to raise the profile of eye health within general practice.
Drug-delivery CLS for Glaucoma Move Closer
Researchers believe they are one step closer to the development of drug-eluting contact lenses for the treatment of glaucoma.
Contact lenses designed for prolonged delivery of Latanoprost, a drug commonly used for glaucoma, have been develioped by reserachers at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, Harvard Medical School, Boston Children's Hospital and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
The concept of contact lenses as a vehicle for drug delivery would remove the burden of long-term use of eye drops but there is still a long way to go; human trials are yet to come and it is not known how the human cornea will tolerate the combination of drug and full-time contact lens wear.
Spot Tests On Drivers Reveal Acuity Concerns
One in five drivers screened at petrol stations during a campaign to increase awareness of the importance of eye health were urged to visit their optician.  The Think About Your Eyes campaign was run by Essilor and Esso.
Ninety-five motorists were examined during the initiative, 11 failed legal vision standards, well over 10% of those tested, and another seven were described as 'borderline'.
Campaign spokesman and Essilor professional relations manager, Andy Hepworth said 'Unlike drink-driving with its government backing, the whole vision for driving issue is neglected'.
Varilux S Series
A few more newsletters ago than I care to mention, I reported on my first pair of varifocal specs which changed my life!  I was able to enjoy great vision at all distances once more. 
Two prescription changes later and I am now the proud owner of a trendy pair of Converse frames glazed with the award winning Essilor Varilux S Series lenses.  These are the latest addition to the Essilor Varilux family of lenses and their most advanced to date.  They are available in thinner form and of course the globally acclaimed Transitons option.  This I went for in its latest form and the thinner 1.67 lens option.  I was delighted that despite a change in prescription and move to full rimmed frame from a rimless, I got used to them almost instantaneously;  the result of the combination of a great optometrist and sound products. Ed. Deborah C. Porter

You can benefit from Varilux S lenses too, just bring along this Newsletter on your next visit to Mayer & Mayer Optometrists, and receive 20% off a pair of any lenses in the Varilux S series when purchased with a new spectacle frame.
Mayer & Mayer Optometrists have a vast choice of fashion and sports sunglasses, most available with prescription options.  For information on the latest in sun protection for home or abroad in 2014, email or call us on 01704 532367.

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