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News : Winter 2012/13

International Trial

An international trial will go ahead in Spring 2013 using the humble egg as a food based supplement source. Newtricious BV, a Dutch company, has developed a new method of introducing lutein (L), zeaxanthin (Z) and Omega-3 to the human diet based on a dairy based bevarage. The formulation is derived from eggs enriched with L, Z and Omega-3.

The aim of the one year placebo controlled project is to determine the effect of the new compound on visual and cognitve function. The UK arm of the research is at Manchester University under Dr Ian Murray, and it is hoped that the study will benefit age related macula degeneration patients.

Poor Diet Puts Vision at Risk

A Department of Health survey has fond that just a quarter of adultes eat the recommended five portions of fruit and vegetables a day! This can put many of these a people at risk of developing macular degeneration and other common eye diseases. Eating a healthy diet full of eye friendly nutrients is a simple and delicious step we can all take to help protect against sight loss.  

Go for green leafy vegetables such as spinach and kale and orange fruits, including peaches, oranges, papaya and apricots. These are all rich sources of lutein and zeaxanthin, which along with meso-zeaxanthin are crucial for the formation of a yellow pigment that protects the macula by absorbing blue light emitted by the sun, car headlights, TVs, computer screens and the like. The message is clear, the future is orange, and green!

College of Optometrists urges eye health to be taken seriously

The College of Optometrists is urging people to treat their eye health just as seriously as they would other parts of the body. The College states that not every eye condition has symptoms, so regular check-ups, unless otherwise advised by your optometrist, are vital to maintain healthy eyes.

And talking of blue light…

Many sunglasses available at Mayer & Mayer Optometrists, protect against a certain amount of blue light. The fantastic new Adidas Bluelightfilter Silver lenses are available in many Adidas sunglasses, or to purchase as accessory lenses.

As well as blocking 100% of UVA, B and C, they absorb 90% of light, so are ideal for use on sunny days - plus Adidas say they protect against high energy blue light, balance rapid light and shadow changes, improve peripheral vision and contrast, especially important in mountain conditions. The subtle silver mirror coating on the gives them a cool look too.




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