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Lens Coatings

Lens coatings can enhance the performance and appearance of your spectacle lenses.  Here are some of the main types of coatings available:
The coating that we all know about is the humble yet invaluable lens tint.  The most widely practical use of the tint is of course sun protection and colour possibilities are endless.  These include gradient tints where the lens is darker at the top and gradually lightens towards the bottom.  Each tint has its own light transmission/absorption ratio so if you require a particular tint for a particular activity we can provide it for you.
Some types of lens tints can also be used to help certain conditions such as dyslexia. 
As you can see, lens tints can come in practically any colour and shade:
Scratch-Resistant Coatings
There is no such thing as a scratch proof lens but a lens treated with a hard coat is certainly more reisistant to scratching caused by dropping your spectacles on the floor or cleaning them with a paper towel.  Children's lenses will obviously benefit from a hard coat.
The combination of a hard coat, keeping your spectacles stored in the case provided when not in use and cleaning them with a microfibre cloth and lens cleaning solution provided by your optometrist will help keep your lenses in tip top condition.
Anti-Reflective Coatings
These AR coatings consist of several layers of metal oxides applied to the front and back lens surfaces.  Each layer is scientifically calculated to block reflected light.  There are a myriad of benefits both practical and cosmetic of AR coated lenses. 
The practical ones include benefits to night drivers, computer users, sunglass wearers and sports enthusiasts.
Occupational benefits can also be of use to police officers, firefighters and pilots.  AR coatings can mean clearer vision, improved visual acuity and thus reduced eyestrain.
Cosmetically, your lenses will look much clearer  and attention will tend to focus on your eyes instead of your lenses.
Higher refractive index (and thus, thinner) lenses help to make higher prescription lenses look and feel as thin as possible.
Hydrophobic Coatings
These coatings repel water and are ideal for water sports enthusiasts or sports participants or anyone who find themselves exposed to wet weather conditions while  using their spectacles.  The hydrophobic coating can repel water and grease - perfect for dealing with sea spray and sun lotion.
Mirror Coatings
Mirror coatings are making a big come back.  They now come in a huge range of colours.  Many sports and fashion sunglasses have  mirror or flash coatings as they are sometimes known.  We can provide mirror coatings lke these for your chosen pair of fashion or sports sunglasses.
Sunglasses such as those produced by Oakley and Tag Heuer to name just a couple of manufacturers, are available with highly sophisticated multicoated layers incoporating, hard, anti-reflective, oleophobic, hydrophobic and mirror coatings. as well as the sunglass tint.
Many hi-index and photochromic lenses come with a combination coating of hard and AR coats.  One of the newest on the market is Essilor's Crizal Forte with Scotchgard.  This will protect your spectacle lenses from scratches, reflections, smudges and dust.
Mayer & Mayer Optometrists can find the perfect coating for your spectacles and your lifestyle so please contact us with your requirements.
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