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Sight Tests
The College of Optometrists currently recommends eye tests should be carried out every 2 years (unless advised otherwise by your optometrist), though if you spend large parts of your day driving or looking at a computer screen you should consider more frequent visits.

We are constantly being made aware of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, and this includes looking after our eye health.  Cataract is the leading cause of blindness in the world and UV radiation is regarded as one of the widespread risk factors.  You can protect your eyes from exposure to the sun by wearing sunglasses which absorb 100% UVA and UVB radiation.  This includes Transitions lenses for spectacle wearers.
Sunglass manufacturers of course have recognised the health benefits of sunglasses so now we can all enjoy superb sunglass designs and make sun protection fun!  Visit our sister web site to see a huge range of designer sunglasses, sports sunglasses, children's sunglasses and snow goggles, suitable for sun protection for every activity from beachcombing to snowboarding.
As approximately 80% of all our lifetime exposure to the sun occurs before the age of 18, it is particularly important to protect children's eyes from the sun.  Mayer & Mayer Optometrists stock Ray-Ban Junior sunglasses.
Prescription Sunglasses

Mayer & Mayer Optometrists provide sophisticated prescription sunglass lenses from manufacturers such as Oakley and Tag Heuer.  These companies combine many of their brilliant non prescription lens tints with their own superb prescription lenses. This means that in many cases your prescription sunglasses will look practically exactly the same as the non precription sunglasses you will see on display, for example Oakley Crosshair pictured below.

Some wrap style sports performance sunglasses can now be glazed directly with prescription lenses from Europe but if that is not an option, many of these sunglasses by Adidas or Nike can be fitted with a glazed prescription insert. 
Mayer & Mayer Optometrists run the Oakley Custom Programme;  put your inividual stamp on your Oakleys. Contact us  to find out which Oakley sunglasses can be Customized.
Eye Protection
When engaging in activities such as squash, gardening or DIY, protect your eyes! We can supply you with goggles for any of these activities. We can also supply you with prescription swimming goggles.
Eye Supplements
It has been siad for a long time, that eating carrots cn help you see in the dark. Current reserach shows that eating a healthy diet which involves highly coloured foods such as tomatoes or spinach can help your eyesight. This is because they contain a protein called lutein. There are now nutritional supplements available with lutein which can help the fightback against degenerative eye disease such as macula degeneration. These supplements are available at both our practices.
Mayer & Mayer Optometrists are delighted to support the Eyecare Voucher scheme.


Mayer & Mayer Optometrists are delighted to support Eyecare Plans.
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